Ground transport

Modal Logistique transports, imports and exports a wide range of goods everyday throughout Canada, the United States and around the world. Over the years, we have developed our expertise by collaborating with selected partners who also provides the high level of service we set for our clients giving you peace of mind and allowing you to minimize your storage costs or those of your associates. We offer, among others, a next-day delivery service almost everywhere throughout the province of Quebec and parts of Ontario, which also includes a tailgate and inside delivery.

Modal Logistique offers import and export services via most available airlines and relies on a network of agents around the world to accommodate your needs. In addition, we help you choose the perfect route, one that meets your requirements and is adapted to your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us to evaluate your options.

Air transport

Maritime transport

For the importation of your containers or partial loads, Modal Logistique allows you to trade your goods internationally with a simple, structured and planned approach, and in complete transparency. We can even advise you on the choice of Incoterm® associated with the transfer of liability between a buyer and a seller in any contractual agreement, whether made in Canada or internationally.

Modal Logistique understands the impact that storage costs can have on your finances, which is why we offer a range of services to help improve your production rate based on your current reality. We can also help you address the shortcomings of your clients’ procurement process when dealing with deficient purchase orders. Together, we can discuss your options.

Prompt strategic procurement

Works of art and antiques

Modal Logistique has expertise with the shipment of works of art and antiques, regardless of their commercial value. We are also well-versed in the regulations and guidelines pertaining to the shipping of artwork. We work with museums, private collectors and artists, helping them carry out their import or export projects. Do you need to import or export? To install or store in a controlled atmosphere? Let us help you and advise you. For projects that require special handling, we offer the services of a crane operator and museology technicians. We can build custom crates that comply with international standards and meet the requirements of phytosanitary certification and ISPM 15. We also rely on a worldwide network of recognized agents specialized in the shipment of works of art.

Thanks to a large transit volume of small parcels, Modal Logistique offers advantageous shipping rates that meet your daily local, national and international needs, including customs clearance. This prevents you from having to manage additional documents and tasks required to ensure the compliance of a shipment.

Small parcels


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